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Michelin tyres have established itself as one of the leading international tyre makers in the country. Your car wheels are one of the integral parts for the functioning of your vehicle. You would not want to compromise on your passenger’s safety. Sunny Auto Care is one of the best Michelin tyre dealers in NoidaWe offer a wide range of high-quality Michelin tyres for the superior performance and safety of your vehicle.

Michelin Tyres Range

Michelin Tires for Bikes
  • 100/90 R17
  • 110/80 R17
  • 2.75 R17
  • 3.50 R10
  • 3.00 R 18
  • 90/100 R10
  • 100/90 R18
  • 120/80 18
  • 2.75 R 18
  • 90/90 R 12
  • 100/80 R17
  • 90/90 R 17
  • 120/80 R17
  • 100/90 R 17
  • 110/90 R 18
  • 2.75 R 18
  • 3.00 R 18
  • 3.50 19
  • 100/90 R 18
  • 2.75 R 17
  • 3.00 R 17
  • 3.25 19
Michelin Tires for Car
  • 145/80 R 12
  • 155/65 R 13
  • 155/70 R 13
  • 165/65 R 13
  • 165/65 R 14
  • 165/80 R 14
  • 175/65 R 15
  • 175/70 R 14
  • 185/65 R 14
  • 195/60 R 15
  • 155/65 R 13
  • 155/70 R 13
  • 165/65 R 14
  • 175/60 R 15
  • 185/55 R 16
  • 185/60 R 15
  • 185/65 R 15
  • 195/55 R 15
  • 195/65 R 15
  • 205/60 R 15
  • 165/70 R 14
  • 235/60 R 18
  • 235/65 R 17
  • 255/50 R 20
  • 275/45 R 20
  • 285/45 R 19
  • 225/65 R 17
  • 255/50 R 19
  • 275/55 R 19
  • 295/40 R 20
  • 255/55 R 18

Why should you buy Michelin tyres?

Michelin entails a range of tyres that are designed with Michelin’s innovative technology. The tyres are designed, produced, and marketed to cater to the requirements and challenges of the Indian market. In India, Michelin tyres meet the rising demands of various vehicles like passenger cars, trucks & buses, Two Wheeler, and OTR (Off the Road) vehicles. The world’s leading mobility company, Michelin became the first tyre brand in the country to be accredited with the recently introduced star labeling program of the Government of India.

Michelin Tyres in Noida

At our Sunny Auto Care showroom in Noida, we are Michelin tyre dealers who are committed to providing you with long-lasting and efficient in terms of safety and quality. We offer you tyres at the best rates that suit your vehicle type. Michelin tyres are well suited for cars driving on the highway or around congested city streets. The car tyres are designed with an exceptional blend of safety, long-lasting tread wear, fuel efficiency, proven balance of long wear life, comfort, and traction. The owners of an SUV or crossovers with these tyres experience the right balance of performance, safety, and luxury.

Choosing the right tyres

If you want to enjoy your ride you need to choose the tyre that best suits your car. At Sunny Auto Care, we are authorized dealers who offer you a stock of the latest Michelin tyre products you can choose from. If you want to cruise through city streets, drive your SUV off-road, take your sports car out for a spin or want to ride your motorcycle, there’s something for everyone at our tyre shop in Noida. If you’re unsure which tyre model is best for your vehicle, our dedicated and friendly staff will gladly show you the different types of Michelin tyres and how each would affect your ride. To make the selection process easier you must consider the weather conditions you will have to brave and the terrain you would be driving on. Driving with the right tyre on your terrain will reduce noise, give an even wear on the tread, and keep you from slipping or getting stuck.

This is the title

What is the meaning of Michelin?
It is an award, prize, or title given to a restaurant by the Michelin organization to establish its good quality, with the highest number of stars being three:
What is special about Michelin tyres?
The Michelin tyres have technology like reinforced sidewalls designed to support the load of the vehicle in case of a pressure drop and allow continued driving for up to 80 km (depending on road and driving conditions) at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.
Why are Michelin tyres popular?
Michelin tyres is a renowned brand and are known for its superior standards, rigorous testing, innovation, and long tread wear warranties.
Does Michelin Tyres increase mileage?
The Michelin tyres have earned the reputation of becoming India's first 5-star fuel economy-rated brand. The new tyres are up to 9.5 percent more fuel-efficient than the average tyres with lower ratings and therefore can increase mileage.
Do Michelin tyres come with a guarantee?
Michelin registers a credit note to the remaining value of your tyres with an accredited dealer like Sunny Auto Care. The team will assist you with the hassle-free guarantee-acquiring process.

Authorized Michelin Tyre Dealer