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Yokohama tyres are one of the most widely used tyres in India. The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd., was established as a joint venture between Yokohama Electric Cable Manufacturing Company (predecessor of today’s Furukawa Electric Co.) and the United States BFGoodrich Company. The company is overcome a number of challenges over 100 years of its existence. The founders had a strong sense of pride and ambition to develop their high-quality rubber products that would compete with technologically advanced forerunners in the US and Europe. Yokohama India is also not behind and produces an extensive range of car tyres with the latest technologies. To buy top-quality Yokohama tyres, contact Sunny Auto Care, the best Yokohoma tyre dealer in Noida.

Yokohama Tyres Range

  • 195/60 R 15
  • 215/60 R 16
  • 205/55 R 16
  • 225/45 R 17
  • 225/55 R 17
  • 265/50 R 19
  • 225/45 R 18
  • 235/55 R 17
  • 245/40 R 18
  • 245/45 R 17
  • 245/45 R 19
  • 255/40 R 19
  • 175/60 R 15
  • 175/70 R 14
  • 185/60 R 15
  • 185/70 R 14
  • 195/60 R 1
  • 195/65 R 15
  • 205/60 R 16
  • 215/55 R 16
  • 215/60 R 16
  • 225/50 R 16
  • 205/60 R 16
  • 215/60 R 16
  • 225/60 R 17
  • 235/65 R 17
  • 205/55 R 16
  • 215/55 R 17
  • 205/65 R 16
  • 215/60 R 17
  • 235/55 R 17
  • 235/50 R 18
  • 145/80 R 13
  • 155/70 R 13
  • 165/65 R 13
  • 165/70 R 14
  • 175/65 R 14
  • 185/60 R 15
  • 185/65 R 15
  • 195/55 R 16
  • 205/55 R 16
  • 205/65 R 15

Sunny Auto Care, certified Yokohama tyre dealers

Sunny Auto care is one of the most reputable and reliable authorized shops of Yokohama bike, car, bus, truck, and other vehicle tyres. We offer a large number of products that are the best in quality, durability, and performance. Our team at Sunny Auto Carte strives to provide our clients with 

world-class precuts that have exclusive features. You can visit our shop and pick the tyre most suitable for your vehicle. We do not compromise with quality and sell genuine ISI mark products. You will choose us to buy Yokohama tyres as we will provide you with the opportunity to have a look at a plethora of tyres under one roof.

The different kinds of Yokohama Tyres available in India

There is a wide variety of car tyre like Yokohama Advan Sport V105, Earth-1, Yokohama Advan Sport, Yokohama Blueearth AE50, Yokohama Advan Drive AA01, Yokohama Advan Sport V103/V105 and many more. 

The tyres have exquisite features that enable the tyres to provide enhanced durability, performance, and consistency. To add to their kitty a, a series of car tyres Yokohama DB ES 501 Decibel & DB Decibel are exclusively designed for noiseless performance. Yokohama also designs tyres for sports cars in large segments of Yokohama S Drive & A Drive R1 tyres.


Who manufactures Yokohama Tyres?
Yokohama TyreCorporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
How long does Yokohama Tyres last?
Many Yokohoma tyre models have limited warranties for between 50,000 and 70,000 miles. Its longest-lasting tyre is protected for up to 85,000 miles.
Are Yokohama tyres good in the rain?
Whether it's heavy rain, or a lot of standing water, the all-season tyre cruises at freeway speeds, keeping the driver in control.
Does Yokohama manufacture run-flat tyres?
Yokohama produces an array of models that might come as a Run Flat tyre. This type of tyre is designed to ensure that in the event of a puncture or sudden loss of pressure, the tyre continues to perform for a limited period.
What are Yokohama Tyres famous for?
The tyres are specifically designed for wet braking and hydroplaning resistance. Yokohama's IceGuard IG51V is a studless ice and snow tyre with a tread design that helps dispel water, slush, and snow.