Best MG Hector Tyres in Noida

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on MG Hector tyres in Noida. If you own an MG Hector and are looking for the right tyres to ensure safety, performance, and comfort during your drives in and around Noida, you've come to the right place. We'll provide you with essential information on finding the perfect tyres for your MG Hector in Noida.

MG Hector Tyres in Noida

MG Hector Tyres in Noida

Importance of Choosing the Right Tyres

Choosing the right tyres for your MG Hector is crucial for several reasons:

Safety: Proper tyres provide the necessary traction and grip on the road, ensuring your safety while driving in various weather conditions.

Performance: The right tyres can enhance your vehicle's performance, including handling, braking, and fuel efficiency.

Comfort: Quality tyres contribute to a smoother and more comfortable ride, reducing road noise and vibrations.

Longevity: Well-maintained tyres can last longer, saving you money on frequent replacements.

Finding the Right Tyres for Your MG Hector

Check Your Vehicle's Specifications: The first step in selecting the right tyres for your MG Hector is to check your vehicle's owner's manual or the placard located on the driver's side door jamb. This will provide you with information about the recommended tyre size and specifications.

Consider Your Driving Needs: Consider the type of driving you do in Noida. Are you mostly driving in the city, on highways, or do you need tyres suitable for off-road adventures? Your driving needs will help determine the right tread pattern and tyre type.

Budget: Determine your budget for purchasing tyres. While it's essential to find quality tyres, there are various brands and models available in different price ranges.

Explore Your Options: In Noida, you have several options for purchasing MG Hector tyres. These include:

Authorized MG Dealerships: MG dealerships often offer genuine MG Hector tyres suitable for your vehicle. They can also provide professional installation services.


Tire Retailers: Well-known tire retailers and service centers in Noida carry a wide range of tyre brands. Brands like Bridgestone, Michelin, Apollo, Ceat, and MRF are readily available.

Online Retailers: Explore online tire retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, TyreDekho, and TireWale for a convenient shopping experience. These platforms often allow you to compare prices and read customer reviews.

Local Mechanics: Local automotive repair shops and mechanics may assist you in sourcing and installing the right tyres for your MG Hector.


Choosing the right tyres for your MG Hector in Noida is essential for safety, performance, and comfort. Start by checking your vehicle's specifications and considering your driving needs and budget. Whether you prefer to visit an authorized MG dealership, a tire retailer, or shop online, Noida offers various options to find the perfect tyres for your MG Hector.

Remember that proper maintenance, including regular tire rotation and alignment, will help your tyres last longer and perform optimally. Invest in the right tyres to enjoy a safe and enjoyable driving experience in Noida with your MG Hector.

If you have any questions or need assistance in finding the right tyres for your MG Hector, feel free to contact us for expert guidance and recommendations. Your safety on the road is our top priority!

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Tyres Sizes Used in MG Hector

The MG Hector, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, used various tire sizes depending on the specific variant and trim level. Keep in mind that newer models or different variants may have different tire size specifications. To find the exact tire size for your MG Hector, you should consult your vehicle's owner's manual or the placard located on the driver's side door jamb for the recommended tire specifications.

However, here are some common tire sizes that were used in the MG Hector:

215/60 R17: This tire size is common on many MG Hector variants. It has a width of 215 millimeters, a sidewall height that is 60% of the width, and is designed to fit a 17-inch wheel.

215/55 R18: Some higher-end variants of the MG Hector may come equipped with 215/55 R18 tires. These tires have a slightly lower sidewall height and are designed to fit 18-inch wheels.

215/50 R17: Depending on the specific variant and year, you may also find MG Hector models with 215/50 R17 tires. These tires have a lower sidewall height for a sportier look and potentially improved handling.

Please keep in mind that tire sizes may vary by trim level and model year, so it's crucial to verify the correct tire size for your particular MG Hector before purchasing new tires. Using the recommended tire size ensures safety and optimal performance for your vehicle. If you are uncertain about the correct tire size, consult your vehicle's documentation or contact an authorized MG dealership for accurate information.

Tyre Models Used in the MG Hector

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, specific tire models used as original equipment (OE) on the MG Hector may vary by location, trim level, and market. MG Motor may use different tire models from various tire manufacturers for different variants of the MG Hector. Below are some examples of tire models that were known to be used on the MG Hector:


Bridgestone Ecopia EP150: The Bridgestone Ecopia EP150 is known for its fuel efficiency and is often used as an OE tire on certain MG Hector variants.

Michelin Primacy 4: Michelin Primacy 4 is a popular choice for OE fitment and is appreciated for its all-season performance.

Apollo Alnac 4G: The Apollo Alnac 4G is another tire model that has been used on MG Hector models, known for its grip and handling characteristics.

Ceat Czar HP: Ceat Czar HP is designed for SUVs and has been used as an OE tire for MG Hector variants in certain markets.

MRF Wanderer: MRF Wanderer series tires have been fitted on MG Hector models, offering good performance for SUVs.

Goodyear Assurance TripleMax: Goodyear Assurance TripleMax is known for its wet grip and safety features and may be used on MG Hector variants.

Please note that the specific tire model used on your MG Hector can vary depending on factors such as the market in which the vehicle was sold, the trim level, and the model year. To determine the exact tire model that came with your MG Hector, it's recommended to check your vehicle's owner's manual or the tire information placard located on the driver's side door jamb. Additionally, when replacing tires, you can choose from a variety of tire models based on your preferences and driving needs, but ensure they meet the recommended specifications for your vehicle.

Why Sunny Auto Care fot MG Hector Tyre?

I do not have specific information about "Sunny Auto Care" in Noida or its services for MG Hector tires, as my knowledge is not up to date beyond September 2021, and I do not have access to real-time information about specific businesses. To evaluate why you might choose Sunny Auto Care or any other auto service center for MG Hector tires in Noida, consider the following factors:

Reputation: Research reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or family to determine if Sunny Auto Care has a good reputation for tire services, including MG Hector tires.

Expertise: Look for an auto care center that specializes in MG vehicles or has experience with a wide range of vehicle brands, including MG. Experience and expertise are important when it comes to handling specific vehicle models.

Tire Brands and Options: Check if Sunny Auto Care offers a variety of tire brands and models suitable for MG Hector vehicles. Having multiple options allows you to choose the right tires for your specific needs and budget.

Services Offered: Consider what services Sunny Auto Care provides related to MG Hector tires. This includes tire installation, balancing, alignment, rotation, and other maintenance services.

Price and Value: Compare the prices of tire services at Sunny Auto Care with other reputable service centers in Noida. Ensure you're getting good value for your money.

Customer Service: Evaluate the quality of customer service provided by Sunny Auto Care, including responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to address your concerns or questions.

Location and Convenience: Choose a service center that is conveniently located for you and offers flexible appointment scheduling.

Warranty: Inquire about any warranties or guarantees offered on tires and tire-related services.

Before making a decision, it's a good practice to get quotes from multiple auto care centers and ask questions to ensure they can meet your specific needs regarding MG Hector tires. Always make sure that the service center you choose uses high-quality, recommended tires for your vehicle model and follows proper installation and maintenance procedures for your safety and vehicle's performance.